Los Sabena Club
Malick Sidibe

This year Malick Sidibé (°1935, Mali) was awarded the Golden Lion for Lifetime Achievement at the Biennial of Contemporary Art of Venice. He is not only the first photographer, but also and maybe more importantly, the first African artist to receive this honor. The jury describes Malick Sidibé as “the undisputed master of his photographic generation”.

Fifty One Fine Art Photography has been working very closely with this exceptional photographer for over 10 years. Since the beginning of our collaboration we have been convinced of his pre-eminence. We have represented him with vigour and we will continue do to so in the future.

It all began for Malick in 1955 when he undertook an apprenticeship with Gérard Guillats’ Photo Service Boutique. Three years later he started his own studio, Studio Malick, in Bamako (capital of Mali). Originally he specialized in documentary photography, his focus was on the youth culture of Bamako. He followed the Malian youth. In the seventies he turned more to making studio portraits.

It wasn’t until the first meeting on African photography in Mali in 1994 that his work became more internationally appreciated. Since then his work has been shown in the Fondation Cartier in Paris, The Guggenheim in New York and Bilbao, the National Portrait Gallery in London, … In 2003 he was also the first African photographer to win the Hasselblad award for Photography.

During the exhibition Los Sabena Club’ we will not only be showing modern prints, but also vintage and unseen prints. We kindly invite you for a drink at the opening on the 6th of September to have a chance to appreciate this amazing work.


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