Masahisa Fukase, The Solitude of Ravens
11 Sept. - 17 Oct. 2009
Opening: 10 Sept., 18h-21h

Fifty One Fine Art Photography is proud to present its very first solo show of the Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase (°1934) and his expressionist photo series on the species of ravens. The series represents a ten-year-obsession with the dark-edged worlds of ravens, shot on annual trips from Tokyo to Hokkaido, Fukase’s birthplace.

Clearly the omen of misfortune, that has been traditionally assigned to ravens in almost all cultures, reigns over the sombre photographs taken. These display isolated or massive groupings of ravens, variously appearing at night or by day throughout a diverse Japanese landscape.

Sitting on telephone poles, at the beach or on the edges of villages, the ravens’ immutable and terrifying presence permeates these photographs with signs of potential, impending or sure loss. The darkened nature of the pictures might not be coincidental regarding that they were taken in a period of personal pain and suffering after the photographer’s divorce in 1976.

Fukase’s works are part of the Japanese new photography that is wrenched into different forms based on the spirit of personal experience and contrasting the earlier ideal of mannered self-control.

Exhibitions of his work have been held mainly in Japan and the USA, where Fukase has received great compliments of being one of the few true expressionists in photography. In 1974 Fukase was included in the Museum of Modern Art exhibition New Japanese Photography. In 1977 he was awarded the Ina Nobuo Prize.

We kindly invite you for our opening exhibition on the 10th of September from 18.00h – 21.00h.


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