Group show
27 March - 22 May 2010

“An index is a listing of data from one or more archives in another sequence than the one in which they originally appear, including their references.”

“The index (plural: indices) is the Latin word for the forefinger and is used as a concept to indicate/guide/point out something.”

This is exactly what the exhibition INDEX 1.0 represents: an unusual combination of images, without intern links or sequences, indicating the variety in photography.

Within this concept Fifty One Fine Art Photography is exhibiting a selection of international renowned photographers, like J.D. ‘Okhai Ojeikere, Roger Ballen, Axel Hutte, Michael Wolf, Tomoko Sawada, Malerie Marder, Hiromi Tsuchida, Kerry Skarbakka, etc., showing them in a broad and flexible framework, generating interesting interactions.

Artists on show:
J.D. Okhai Ojeikere
Roger Ballen
Axel Hutte
Michael Wolf
Tomoko Sawada
Malerie Marder
Hiromi Tsuchida
Kerry Skarbakka


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