Cueillir by Thierry Boutemy
Opening: May 30th 2015 from 1 until 6 pm
Installation: June 2nd - July 18th 2015


"It’s been fifteen years now, since I bought this photograph. It must be 35 years ago that I composed my first bunch of flowers.
I totally take refuge in a vegetal world and it has become my whole life since.
Then Roger asked me a work with flowers for the fifteenth anniversary of the gallery, as I have no intention whatsoever to go into an abundance of flowers, I deeply think about why I’m here.

As a child, I thought earth was mysterious, how could flowers grow from underneath this brown mass ? I decided to do the opposite, I will imagine the contrary and make flowers bloom not on but under the earth.

I try to stay singular in this attitude and provoke the rebirth of a simple feeling with poetry. There is the vegetal world in the earth, the photographed sleeping beauty, my very first acquisition and the bust of the woman with the vegetal memory of Paloma Varga Weisz, which is the protection of this vegetal memory.
Thus, I do hope to be able to share a moment, an emotion that will remain, connecting nature, childhood, love.

I would like to thank Hiromi, Yuji, Nathalie, my parents, Roger and everyone who is dear to me. "



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