Works available by
Shelby Lee Adams
Philip K. Apagya *
Nobuyoshi Araki
Diane Arbus
Cornelius Azaglo *
Adam Baer *
Peter Beard
Fleur Boonman
Alvin Booth *
Hans Breder
Delphine Burtin *
Jean-Dominique Burton *
Tom Butler *
Elinor Carucci *
Simon Chaput *
Kyungwoo Chun *
Ted Croner
Jean Depara *
Gerard Petrus Fieret
Joan Fontcuberta
Lee Friedlander
Masahisa Fukase
Norbert Ghisoland *
Katy Grannan
LeRoy Grannis
Peter Granser
Harry Gruyaert *
Yuichi Hibi
Frank Horvat *
Yaakov Israel *
Estate of Jan Yoors *
Seydou Keita *
Andre Kertesz
William Klein *
Adama Kouyaté *
Jacques Henri Lartigue *
Arthur Leipzig
Saul Leiter *
Vivian Maier *
Steve McCurry *
Ray K. Metzker
Abelardo Morell
Daido Moriyama
Arnold Newman
J.D. Okhai Ojeikere *
Terry O'Neil
Horst P. Horst
Emile Savitry *
Kate Schermerhorn *
Hans-Christian Schink *
Jan Schlegel *
Sebastian Schutyser
Malick Sidibe *
Aaron Siskind
Kerry Skarbakka *
Jacques Sonck *
Louis Stettner *
Hiroshi Sugimoto
Sam Taylor-Wood
Deanna Templeton *
Christopher Thomas
Hiromi Tsuchida
Bruno V. Roels *
Friederike von Rauch *
Garry Winogrand
Michael Wolf *
Masao Yamamoto *
Kimiko Yoshida

Works available by
Tony Cragg
Katrien De Blauwer *
Arpaïs Du Bois *
Jan Yoors *
Annie Kevans *
Saul Leiter *
Éric Manigaud *
Dirk Zoete *
* represented artists
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We would like to inform the visitor that this website is merely a documentary tool. Please keep in mind that the rendering of the original prints on a digital platform is only approximate and involves considerable loss of quality, contrast and depth when shown on most computer monitors. With their very specific tactile values, textures and the (mostly) large formats, the original photographs are thus extremely difficult to reproduce. It goes without saying that only seeing them in reality can do them justice.

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