Tom Butler

Statement of the artist

"I am fascinated by the process of Conspicuous Invisibility: the simultaneous human desire
to both hide and perform. In a visual way, I collect memories, thresholds and hiding places
and attempt to re-manufacture them. My work expresses my natural inclination towards
introversion and the opposition of displaying artwork essentially about hiding.
I appropriate Victorian Cabinet Cards with incorporated personal symbols such as hair,
hoods and masks painted on the surface with gouache. In the process I attempt to reveal
aspects of imagined inner personalities of the sitter while entirely in the knowledge that I
am cloaking them with parts of myself. I use these portraits as psychological clotheshorses
to create grotesque and sinister scenarios, enabling me to project thoughts, fears and
anxieties in an immediate and direct way and often with a macabre sense of humor. "

Tom Butler 2013


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