Joan Fontcuberta
Between the eternal and the instant, Joan Fontcuberta, who is an artist of play and paradox, takes snapshots of the eternal. Fontcuberta is a creator of our time and as such has worked indefatigably on the unique certainty of the moment, which is also an eternal truth: doubt.
For that reason contradiction, playfulness, conflict and the possible, form the territory on which works are situated.
His repertoir of projects and series is made up of dialoguing works, of images that require the gaze of the viewer but never ask him to complete his proposals.
What Fontcuberta has been offering for more than 20 years are works of free, and varied interpretation. As an artist he asks the public to look, nothing more. He asks us to look with our eyes because he knows that we often look with our memory, protected by the veil of knowledge, experience and recollection. For that reason he dares to ask the visitor to think, to pose the most urgent question his human condition obliges him to: what is all this?

In his most recent work (showing at Fifty One Fine Art Photography) Fontcuberta has worked with reality in foregrounding the reaction, the perception of the viewer.
He has photographed real events with the appearance of being traces of something fantastic and hence unreal.
He has photographed the corpses of mosquitoes spaittered on a car windscreen during a nocturnal journey, knowing we would see in such a portrayal the photograph of a starry sky.
He has portrayed desert landscapes, the deserts that emerge from looking at pages printed with the Braille alphabet from very close by.
There is no manipulation either before or after taking the photograph and yet what is photographed, what is reflected, is not what seems to be fixed in the media. "There are mirrors whose miracle isn't the truth, but fantasy, illusion" says Fontcuberta.


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