Cornelius Azaglo
Azaglo grew up in Pkalémé -a town in Togo- where he was born in 1924. Giving in to a whim, he buys a Kodak camera at age 19. In the fifties, he settles in Burkina Faso where he gets to know two professional photographers that will lead him into the realm of photographic techniques and in whose presence he becomes aware of the enormous possibilities of this art.

Azaglo becomes obsessed with photography and works both in and outside of his studio. In 1955, he moves once again, this time to the Ivory Coast, where he opens his own "Studio Du Nord". Like Depara, he gets around on a bike, only not at night but during the daytime. Armed with his camera and a simple piece of white cloth, he captures the images of the people he meets. For most of the farmers of Senufo, this is their first encounter with a photographer ever.

Far from trying to look better than they are, they are not ashamed to show their sun worn faces, rough from the hard work they do. Politics enter azaglo's career at the first voting round after the independence: since a passport in necessary to vote, Azaglo is asked to provide the pictures. Fascinated with his art as Azaglo is, he is still working today.


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